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Free Health and disease microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Great for KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 and post 16 A level lessonplans, K-12 and more.Use and alter these presentations freely or any power point template used in this presentations site for other teachers. If you have any powerpoints then please consider submitting them for other teachers to download too. It's all about sharing and helping others. Need a free powerpoint viewer. Click here.


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Biology powerpoints- Health and Disease

cell biology     classification     ecology     enzymes     evolution     genetics        health and disease     homeostasis     immunity and immunology     movement     nerves     nutrition     photosynthesis     reproduction     respiration     transport


Title Size Submitted by Rating Date
ALCOHOL 169KB Hina Hashmi *** 12/1/09
Alcohol 531KB Nancy Hackmann **** 12/5/09
Alcohol  5.89MB Mitch **** 14/10/05
Alcohol 223 KB Kaye *** 10/1/04
Being Healthy 801KB Stephanie Davison **** 2/11/08
Cancer 262 KB Mikey B ** 03/1/04
The Cell Cycle and Cancer  1.5MB Laureen **** 1/4/09
Cigarette Smoke and Disease 176KB Paul Jackson *** 15/1/07
clinical terms 158KB Peggy ** 17/10/04
Cocaine  1.4MB Paul Cushing **** 1/4/06
Controlling Disease 122KB John *** 18/12/07
Coronary heart disease 881KB Bip Chak **** 9/5/10
Disease pics 1.1MB Rik G *** 30/11/04
Drugs 110KB Hina Hashmi *** 12/1/09
Drugs Effects on Our Bodies 1.03MB John *** 18/12/07
Health and Hospitals 677KB Noreen **** 02/02/08
Healthy Bodies- part1 677KB Williamallan **** 23/3/07
Healthy Bodies- part2 780KB Williamallan **** 23/3/07
Heart disease arteriosclerosis 1.3 MB Susan *** 14/1/04
HIV and AIDS 427KB Rhys Lewis *** 25/12/06
HIV_and_AIDS 741KB Hina Hashmi *** 12/1/09
Human health and disease  673KB C Milne ***** 1/4/06
Human Imunnodeficiency Virus 2.9MB Sarah Berard ***** 25/12/06
Infectious disease STD 130KB Nancy Hackmann *** 12/5/09
Influenza 234KB Ieuan Davies **** 20/10/09
Intro to Drugs 535KB Nancy Hackmann **** 12/5/09
lung disease 693KB Bip Chak **** 9/5/10
Marijuana 100KB Nancy Hackmann *** 12/5/09
Medicine in the Nineteenth Century 392KB Noreen **** 02/02/08
NMR for diagnosis and drug design 109KB Lucky Aftab *** 20/6/07
Pollution 535KB Hina Hashmi *** 29/1/09
Schizophrenia 93KB alice johnson *** 16/11/09
Scurvy 99 KB Pete ** 8/1/04
Smoking 409 KB Bella ** 26/1/04
Solvents  1.66MB Mitch **** 14/10/05
Thalidomide 1MB Rik G *** 31/10/06
Tobacco  6.82MB Mitch **** 14/10/05
Tobacco 1.1MB Nancy Hackmann ***** 12/5/09
Tobacco and diseases 439KB Teresa Middleton **** 12/11/08
Virus Structure and Method of Invasion 179KB Hina Hashmi *** 29/1/09
Viruses and HIV 1.0MB Jessica Moore *** 15/1/07

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