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Biology powerpoints- Genetics

cell biology     classification     ecology     enzymes     evolution     genetics        health and disease     homeostasis     immunity and immunology     movement     nerves     nutrition     photosynthesis     reproduction     respiration     transport


Title Size Submitted by Rating Date
Cause and effect of mutation  515KB Lisa *** 29/12/05
Chromosome 6.4MB Siva Ramamoorthy ***** 23/3/07
Cloning- What is it? 230KB Liza *** 8/10/06
Cloning - Science Fiction or Science Fact 1.55MB Lindsay Wainwright **** 18/12/07
DihybridInheritance 57KB Angela *** 19/11/04
DNA Fingerprinting powerpoint 208KB Siobhan Coughlan **** 20/8/06
DNA or No DNA  639KB Lisa *** 29/12/05
DNA replication (flash animation) 384KB Rodney Boyer **** 17/10/04
DNA replication 1.3 MB Sutur **** 5/7/04
DNA Structure 2.5MB michael dowdall **** 08/6/08
Recombinant DNA and Polymerase chain reaction 4.01MB Alison Diskin **** 08/02/10
Electrophoresis  14KB Lisa ** 29/12/05
Farm animal breeds 446KB Rik G *** 30/11/04
Gel Electrophoresis  1.0MB Lisa *** 29/12/05
Gene Function and Structure 905 KB Paul *** 5/7/04
Genetic Code1  120KB Lisa *** 29/12/05
Genetic Engineering  124KB Lisa *** 29/12/05
Genetic Engineering 1.0MB Laureen **** 1/4/09
Genetics 598KB Lisa Deluca ***** 18/12/07
Genetic Crosses 498KB Rik G *** 18/1/05
Genetics- General  972KB Scott *** 29/12/05
Genetics- inheritance 598KB Lisa Deluca **** 18/12/07
Genetic Screening  88KB Ian Richardson *** 15/5/06
Genetic Traits 5.0MB Meredith Sanders *** 18/12/07
Genotype and Phenotype 428KB Joyce zakem *** 08/02/10
Gregor Mendel 159KB Liza **** 8/10/06
The History of DNA 1.85MB Joyce Zakem **** 9/5/10
Inheritance Assessment  1.2MB Lisa **** 29/12/05
Inheritance Basic 228KB Paul Jackson *** 15/1/07
lac operon  99KB Sarah Magor *** 15/5/06
Mendel 296KB *** 19/11/04
Mendel's Law of Segregation 493KB Ian Richardson **** 15/5/06
Meosis 607KB Rik G *** 18/1/05
Monohybrid 108KB Angela *** 19/11/04
mitosis 931KB Liza **** 12/5/09
Mitosis and Meiosis 817KB Hina Hashmi **** 21/1/09
Mutation 606KB Hina Hashmi **** 21/1/09
Mitosis 815KB Rik G **** 18/1/05
PCR 162KB Rachel Conrad *** 10/10/08
SexLinkage 67KB *** 19/11/04
Sexual Differentiation 2.1 MB John Bojnowski *** 5/6/06
Structure of DNA 3.8 MB Bella **** 26/1/04
The Human Genome project 2.5MB Ian Richardson *** 15/5/06
Variation and the Monohybrid Cross 818KB Hina Hashmi *** 29/1/09
Variation and mutation 254 KB Cheryl ** 5/7/04

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