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Title Size Submitted by Date
Acids and Alkalis 549KB Debbie Durack 27/04/08
ACID BASES AND SALTS 3.1 Mohammad Ali 21/03/12
Addition Reactions  920KB Jimmy 29/12/05
Addition Reactions  920KB Jimmy 29/12/05
Aldehydes and ketones 68KB Leon 8/2/04
Aluminium and Titanium 190KB Debbie Durack 27/04/08
Analysis if cima painting 379KB Leon 8/2/04
Atoms and the Periodic tables 322KB George Bruce 2/11/08
Atomic Structure  2.03MB Bella 12/9/04
Atomic Structure2 343KB Stephen Morris 31/10/06
Atomic Theory 11.4MB Jacob Israel 25/8/09
Atoms Simple 42KB Breslin 10/5/04
Atoms1 1.5MB Bruce B 15/6/05
Atoms2 153KB Bruce B 15/6/05
Atoms Intro 548KB Jimmy T 15/6/05
Atoms, molecules and ions 1.3MB Jimmy T 15/6/05
 Atoms and molecules 0.21

Ben Friedman

AzoCompounds 85KB Leon 9/2/04
Balancing Chemical equations 92KB Kirk Davis 8/6/08
Basic Chemistry 828KB Mark Silberstein 8/10/06
Blast Furnace 109KB Chen et al 17/4/04
Blast Furnace2 107KB Shaun, Sam and Eli 11/8/05
Bonds and Energy  1.6MB Keith Hicks 1/4/06
Boyle's Law 101KB Teresa Middleton 12/11/08
Buoyancy 635KB Carolyn Kinne 25/8/09
Carboxylic acids 142KB Leon 9/2/04
Catalysis of H2O2 with Rochelle Salt by Cobalt Chloride 81KB Eoghan 18/12/07
Charles' Law 798KB Rlethree Sectionseven 5/4/09
Chem aid- simple way to remember ions 190KB Gerald Jimmy 22/11/08
Chemical Bonds 2.7MB B Vanka 17/3/05
Chemical Bonding revised 3.3MB Brian Debenham 1/3/10
Chemistry 6.5MB Jacob Israel 25/8/09
Chemistry intro  1.99MB Eric 12/2/06
Chromatography 227KB Leon 9/2/04
Covalent Bonds 101KB J Allen 10/5/04
  94KB Ivan Munkedal 20/8/06
Earths Atmosphere 17KB J Allen 10/5/04
Earth and Rocks 408KB J Allen 10/5/04
Earth History  147KB B & C 11/8/05
Earth Materials 4.9MB Roberts et al 10/5/04
Electrophilic addition of Bromine 119KB Leon 23/2/04
Electronic configuration 1.5MB Michelle Bandola 20/10/09
 Elements 0.57

Ben Friedman

Elements compounds and mixtures 1.6 M Ali 14/9/13
Empirical Formula  126KB Greg Purdum 15/5/06
Energy Levels Positions 543KB Indu Shah 10/5/04
Energy and conservation 360KB Teresa Middleton 12/11/08
Fuel Cell 43KB Scott 18/12/07
 Fluids 0.57

Ben Friedman

Green Chemistry 392KB Chaitu 25/12/06
Group1  233KB J Simoni et al. 15/5/06
Group 1&2  307KB Travis M 29/12/05
Group7_Halogens 110KB AJ Foakes 19/4/05
Group 7, The Halogens  315KB Travis M 29/12/05
Group 13, the Boron family  253KB Travis M 29/12/05
Group 14, the Carbon Group  251KB Travis M 29/12/05
Group 14 1.1MB Grissom 27 27/04/08
Group 15, the nitrogen group  306KB Travis M 29/12/05
Group 16, the oxygen group  455KB Travis M 29/12/05
Group18 The Noble Gases  1.4MB Travis M 12/2/06
Groups and electron dot diagrams  568KB Travis M 12/2/06
Heat 1.1 Rebecca Evans 21/3/12
How Halogens react  882KB Keith Hicks 1/4/06
Intro to water and ADH 253KB Lisa Doig 11/1/09

Ionic Bonds 180KB J Allen 10/5/04
Jeopardy game- chemistry 202KB Donna Muller 18/12/07
Family-organic 145KB Leon 23/2/04
Geometric Isomerism 96KB Leon 23/2/04
Halogens 241KB Tom & Chris 17/4/04
How Elements Bond  267KB Travis 01/03/06
Hydrogen 3.4MB Rona 08/02/10
Lab Experiment 157KB GCHS 17/10/04
Lab tests, results and sulphuric acid  191KB Travis M 12/2/06
Limestone 200KB Teresa Middleton 12/11/08
Limestone,oil, fractionational distillation  200KB Travis 01/03/06
Making Electricity 191KB George Bruce 2/11/08
Making and naming compounds 131KB Lisa Doig 11/1/09
Matter and Change 363KB Marco Mass 20/10/09
Mass, atomic and empirical formulas  116KB Travis 01/03/06
Metals in Industry  540KB Travis 01/03/06
Metals and Acids exps  278KB Gavin 12/2/06
Mixtures 345KB Marco Mass 20/10/09
Mineral Identification 5.2MB David Condor 20/8/06
NMR presentation 630KB Leon 23/2/04
Naming compounds and ions  107KB Travis M 12/2/06
Oils and Fats 113KB Leon 4/3/04
Organic Chemistry  2.9MB CR Klepper 14/10/05
PeriodicTable1 87KB Jenny 17/3/05
PeriodicTable2 473KB Inst 17/3/05
PeriodicTable+Links 730KB Bill Byles 17/3/05
PeriodicTable_Test 312KB Unnamed 17/3/05
PeriodicTable_Game 139KB Risa 17/3/05
Plastic Recycling-starter 107KB Paul Jackson 18/12/07
Polymers 349KB Leon 4/3/04
Radioactivity  156KB Keith Hicks 1/4/06
Rates of reactions and Enzymes  930KB Travis 01/03/06
Reactivity Series  53KB Travis M 12/2/06
Refining sugar 2.3 Abdul Waseh Arshad 12/4/16
Rocks 355KB Ant & Kailyn 17/4/04
Rocks and weathering 436KB Stuart S 18/1/04
Reactions and Equations 183KB G 17/10/04
Redox Reactions 251KB Leon 4/3/04
snowflakes 1.17MB Carolyn Kinne 25/8/09
Solids liquids gases 804KB Lisa Doig 11/1/08
Solutions and solubility 1.6MB M Ali 25/8/09
Stoichiometry 351KB Hamid Waasi 12/5/09
The d block 630KB Leon 4/3/04
TLC and GLC 703KB Leon 4/3/04
Transition elements  556KB Travis 01/03/06
Types of Rock 38KB Karen MacNiven 20/8/06
Volumetric 358KB Hamid Waasi 12/5/09
Why the sky changes colour 12.6

Cyra P