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Latest PPTs Size(MB) Submitted by Category
Meat- production and inspection 8.91 Baraka Kasyupa Geography/Biology
Primenumbers in Tamil language 2 Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy Maths
Maths questions 1 Emeka Ukachi Maths
Say no to drugs 0.6 Kevin Webb Biology
Country project 0.3 Sumair Hussain Geography
Dermal tissues of plant 3.0 M Hussaan Kamboh Biology
Lesson 1 Functions 0.5 Kausar Khan Maths
Lesson 2 Functions 0.2 Kausar Khan Maths
Lesson 3 Functions 0.2 Kausar Khan Maths
Study of Canopia structure of trees 1.8 Anurag Pandy Biology/Geography
Variations, Integral Exponents, Radicals 5.3 Richwealth limin Maths
Enviromental Science 3.6 Ranjit Singh Biology/Geography
Prosodic Features of Speech 0.4 Manolito Palero English
Atmosphere structure and composition 1.1 Indian Indian Chemistry
Genetics 1.1 Ishrat Nadeem Biology
Electricity 0.9 Ishrat Nadeem Physics
The Metric System 0.95 Dmitry Katkov Maths
Scalars and Vectors 0.8 Cindy Cheung Physics
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