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I am very grateful for any contributions to help run my site. I actually host the ppts on the site therefore the traffic is huge and I have been forced to upgrade to a private server which costs me 200 USDollars a month! Any contribution is therefore very much appreciated if you have found the site useful. In return I have created 2 different disks that can be 'bought' using the secure paypal button below.

CD's I have available

CD One> All new-contains 163 Chemistry ppts, 102 physics ppts, Over 230 Biology ppts. 42 Science Club practicals, interactive games, crosswords, etc, plus some worksheets and lesson plans.

CD two> All new-175 English ppts, 74 Geography ppts, 51 History ppts,

NB. You do not need a paypal account to be able to pay, a card works fine.

Worldofteaching cd required

Thankyou so much for your help supporting this site.