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Title Size Submitted by Rating Date
Animal Behaviour Powerpoint 893KB Carolyn Kinne *** 7/8/09
The Body  450KB Paresh **** 12/2/06
Cereal Crops 11.4 MB H Wellington **** 19/4/05
Earthworm 1.7MB Surendran_K **** 18/2/09
Fertilizers and Pesticides  1.1MB IC Smith *** 1/4/06
Fossils 611KB Carolyn Kinne *** 7/8/09
Geometry in Nature 5.6 Starla Brannon *** 29/1/12
Growing Plants 8.1MB Hina Hashmi *** 12/1/09
History of Animals
1. Animal Science
2. Domestication
3. Livestock Animals
4. Food and Labor
5. Animal Uses
6. Animal Uses (continued)
~50 total Megan Seneca 28/4/14
Introduction to Plants 463KB Hina Hashmi **** 21/1/09
Living Factories YEAST 252KB Hina Hashmi *** 21/1/09
Lower Plants 2.1MB Ben Zalewski **** 25/12/06
Mammals 343KB Michael Bichler **** 7/9/08
Natural Vegetation 10.7MB Ritesh *** 20/10/09
Nitrogen Cycle 140 KB Ken Macdonald *** 5/6/06
Nitrogen cycle 2 319KB Ken Macdonald **** 2/7/07
Plant Divisions 3.5MB Sarah Berard **** 25/12/06
Leaf structures 0.37 Nitin Kumar *** 12/10/10
Plants general structure  1.6MB Rik G ***** 29/12/05
Plants- why study them?  287KB Trenton *** 11/8/05
Plants_A test  176KB Bobby *** 11/8/05
Plants 2 1.1 MB Keja Beeson **** 5/6/06
Plant part roots 377KB Ryan Hill **** 23/11/08
Plant production- watering 607KB Hina Hashmi *** 29/1/09
Plant Tissues 3.8MB Ben Zalewski **** 25/12/06
Plant structure adaptations and responses 5.3MB Sarah Berard ***** 25/12/06
Puccinia fungus 1.38 Paresh Parekh ***** 12/10/10
Support and transport in plants 4.04 Jayasree Vinod ***** 12/10/10
Plantlets 405KB Hina Hashmi **** 21/1/09
Sharks 535KB Meredith *** 02/02/08
Sea Otter 2.8MB jim Fiddes ***** 8/6/08
Vertebrates KS3 958 KB Raj Gold *** 19/4/05

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